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Arbor Day

The Morton Arboretum, rooted in communities in the Chicago region and around the world, urges everyone to plant trees and support its work for trees this Arbor Day.

Help Plant Trees Today

Planting trees, even a few at a time, can reduce the impacts of climate change on communities and people. Support tree planting by making a donation to The Morton Arboretum to work toward a greener, healthier, more beautiful world where people and trees thrive together.

Arbor Day is an opportunity to celebrate trees and all the benefits they provide to people and to the earth. This Arbor Day, the Arboretum is urging cities, businesses, organizations, and individuals to support community-driven tree planting, especially in disadvantaged areas. Even planting a few trees—or one tree in a backyard or parkway—contributes to improving the quality of life for people and mitigating the effects of a changing climate. Join in this work by donating to The Morton Arboretum and show your support by visiting this magnificent garden of trees.

Donations raised in honor of Arbor Day will be matched up to $30,000 thanks to the generosity of the Arboretum’s Board of Trustees.

Rooted in History

Founded in 1922 by Joy Morton, The Morton Arboretum has been working to collect, protect, and care for trees for more than a century. Morton came from a family that founded Arbor Day in Nebraska in 1872, and the family motto “Plant trees” was critical to his vision for an arboretum.

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You Can Act to Help Trees

People and trees need each other to thrive together. Whether by joining a volunteer group at the Arboretum or in your community, helping to plant trees, or advocating for funding to plant trees and laws to protect them, there are many ways you can help make a real difference for the future of trees through The Morton Arboretum and its Chicago Region Trees Initiative.

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Give to Help People and Trees Thrive

All the work of The Morton Arboretum in its glorious and varied landscapes, busy laboratories, and lively classrooms and in communities in the Chicago region and across the world depends on the generous support of its members and donors. Make a gift today to ensure that the Arboretum’s mission and programs will continue for generations to come.

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Donate to The Morton Arboretum to be part of its work for a greener, healthier, more beautiful world where people and trees thrive together.

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