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Stay up-to-date with the latest stories, photos, and b-roll, or connect with tree scientists and horticulture experts.

Public Relations Contacts

We’ve got you covered.

Members of the media can contact the Public Relations team for interviews, information, photos, and b-roll.

Tari Marshall, Director of Public Relations and Social Media
Phone: 630-725-2103
Email: tmarshall@mortonarb.org

Kara Silva, Public Relations and Social Media Specialist
For tree and plant care questions, special events, programs, and exhibitions
Phone: 630-719-5768
Email: ksilva@mortonarb.org

Tyler Prich, Media Relations Specialist
For science and research expertise, and Chicago Region Trees Initiative
Phone: 630-719-4633
Email: tprich@mortonarb.org

Featured News Item

New Of the Earth exhibition debuts May 26 at The Morton Arboretum

Environmental artist Olga Ziemska uses trees to express “we are nature” philosophy

Learn more: New Of the Earth exhibition debuts May 26 at The Morton Arboretum

Press Releases

For additional information and to schedule interviews,
contact the Public Relations team.

Connect with Tree Experts

Look to The Morton Arboretum first for expert tree and plant information. Whether you’re a reporter on a deadline or a producer looking for story ideas, the Arboretum’s internationally-recognized scientists and staff can address a wide variety of tree and plant topics.

Tree science and research

Tree and plant health

Chicago region tree expertise

Global tree conservation

Nature education


Climate impact on trees


About the Arboretum

The Morton Arboretum is an internationally recognized outdoor tree museum and tree research center in Lisle, Illinois. Its 1,700 acres include 16 miles of hiking trails, a Children’s Garden, educational exhibitions, a Visitor Center, and specialty tree and plant collections.

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