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Chicago Region Trees Initiative

Leading the way to a healthy, sustainable, equitable regional forest for everyone

Working for people and trees

The Chicago Region Trees Initiative is The Morton Arboretum’s urban and community forestry program, working to improve people’s lives by supporting the health, diversity, and equitable distribution of trees in the Chicago region and throughout Illinois.

Trees that grow where people live make their lives better. The Chicago Region Trees Initiative takes action to improve the tree canopy in communities throughout the region and beyond. Its work includes building municipal and civic capacity and support for the care and planting of trees; creating strong partnerships with community members, government agencies, and the green industry; inspiring and training tree stewards; coordinating action to improve the future for oaks; and providing science-informed guidance for on-the-ground action.

Help CRTI advance four key priorities

CRTI needs partners like you to ensure that trees are healthier, more abundant, more diverse, and more equitably distributed to all people and communities in the Chicago region.

Inspire people to value trees

Increase the Chicago region's tree canopy

Reduce threats to urban trees

Enhance oak ecosystems

Making a difference together

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You don’t have to be a professional arborist to make a difference in the regional forest. If you care about the trees around you, you can have an impact and leave a legacy in your community!

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