The Center for Tree Science

Creating the scientific knowledge and technical expertise necessary to sustain trees.


The Morton Arboretum is a world-renowned scientific leader developing far-reaching solutions in tree science and research. The Center for Tree Science is the hub for this important work.

The Center for Tree Science’s team of more than 30 scientists collaborate with colleagues around the world, contributing scientific knowledge and technical experience to secure the future of trees. The Center builds scientific networks and shares research resources to develop new solutions to the challenges facing trees, while mentoring the next generation of leaders in tree science.

Focusing on key outcomes for trees

Understanding evolution, distributions, and taxonomy of trees

Resilience and adaptation to pests, pathogens, land use, and climate change

Expanding knowledge and protection of genetic and species diversity in tree collections and in place

Expanding knowledge and protection of genetic and species diversity in tree collections and in place

Improving performance of trees and plants as green infrastructure to improve the health and beauty of cities and towns

Development of engineering tools, databases, biological archives, research platforms, and new study methods

Public awareness of the diversity, function, and value of trees for nature and society

Tree Science in Action

The Gateway to Tree Science is an interactive outdoor exhibit designed to bring The Morton Arboretum’s tree science and research to life. The exhibit provides insightful information and ongoing, real-time demonstrations designed to educate professionals, homeowners, and others on best practices for tree care.

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Research Projects

The Center for Tree Science develops new knowledge in tree ecology, evolution, and biology. This knowledge furthers technical expertise and action, supporting the sustainable growth and management of trees in built environments, natural landscapes, and plant collections. The Center also designs and builds research resources for the long-term study of trees.

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Scientific Staff

With research staff in arboriculture, forest ecology, conservation biology, evolution, and systematics, the Center for Tree Science provides an exciting and engaging place to study trees holistically. Working together as a team while honing the in-depth knowledge of specialized expertise, Arboretum scientists are developing a greater understanding of trees and how to manage and conserve them.

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Collaborative Network

The Center for Tree Science Collaborative Network encompasses scientific collaborators from gardens, universities, industry, and nonprofit organizations from around the world. These scientists bring their expertise to the Center through contract work or special relationships established between the Arboretum and their home institutions.

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