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Global Tree Conservation Program

Leading efforts to prevent extinction and secure the world’s threatened tree species.

Trees around the world are under threat. Of the world’s 60,000 tree species, one-third are threatened with extinction due to forest clearance, exploitation for timber, invasive pests and diseases, and climate change.

The Global Tree Conservation Program at The Morton Arboretum works to safeguard tree species through research, conservation, and collaboration. The program integrates conservation in the wild (in situ) and in collections (ex situ). Species are prioritized for action through IUCN Red List assessments and conservation gap analyses, with a special focus on oaks (Quercus) in biodiversity hot spots. The Global Tree Conservation team works with local research and conservation partners to develop and implement conservation action plans to promote preservation, management, and recovery of threatened tree species, while building capacity for conservation and raising awareness about conservation issues.

Conservation Resources

Sharing research is one of the most important ways the Global Tree Conservation Program engages with other scientists as well as the general public. The GTCP staff dedicates time to communicate their conservation work in a variety of ways through technical reports, scientific publications, training materials, and social media.

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Center for Species Survival: Trees

The Morton Arboretum, through a partnership with the Species Survival Commission (SSC) of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), established The Center for Species Survival: Trees—a hub for coordinated action to conserve tree species around the world. It is the only IUCN SSC Center for Species Survival to focus specifically on trees, and one of only five Centers for Species Survival in North America.

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Global Conservation Consortium for Oak

Many oak species are threatened with extinction, and oak-dominated ecosystems are declining worldwide. Living collections, such as those in botanical gardens, are one critical conservation tool. The Global Conservation Consortium for Oak is a partnership between The Morton Arboretum, Botanic Gardens Conservation International, and dozens of other partners to prevent extinctions and ensure healthy oak species and populations for the future.

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