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Global Tree Conservation

Leading efforts to prevent extinction and secure the world’s threatened tree species.

Leading and Supporting Efforts to Prevent Extinction

Trees form the backbone of terrestrial ecosystems around the world, yet at least one in three tree species are threatened with extinction.

The Global Tree Conservation Program was established in 2014 to leverage the expertise of the botanical garden community to protect and restore vulnerable and threatened trees through global collaborations. Arboretum scientists use a variety of strategies to conserve rare tree species, including threat assessments, conservation genetics, population demographics, seed collection and distribution, plant propagation, high-quality conservation collections in botanical gardens, and conservation of threatened populations in their natural habitats. Arboretum scientists also build capacity and catalyze action for tree conservation by providing training workshops, developing tools and guidelines, and strengthening the global network of tree experts.


Forging a Future for Oaks

Why are oaks important? Oaks are the backbone of natural communities in the Chicago region and everywhere they grow. But with one-third of the world’s ~430 oak species threatened with extinction, collective efforts are needed to conserve these important trees. See how The Morton Arboretum provides a refuge and a future for endangered trees worldwide and how you can make a difference for trees.

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Scientific Staff

The staff of the Global Tree Conservation Program and the Center for Tree Science work together to facilitate scientifically-informed conservation actions and to increase capacity to address threats faced by trees.

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Careers in Tree Science

The Morton Arboretum works to inspire and support future tree scientists at every stage in their careers through mentorships, fellowships, and other opportunities in science.

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