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Employee Core Values

The Morton Arboretum’s mission is focused on trees, people, communities, and the environment. Employees with diverse skills and backgrounds unite as one workforce to make impacts through science and conservation, education, plant collections, and outreach. Core values guide employee conduct as we pursue the Arboretum’s mission together.

Be Inclusive

Benefit from diverse perspectives. Acknowledge and overcome biases and engage others to do the same. Stand against racism and discrimination. Create a welcoming, accessible environment for all. Work deliberately to ensure an equitable Arboretum.

Take Ownership

Be a responsible steward. Care for the collections, guests, supporters, and colleagues. Be mindful that work done today impacts the people and trees of tomorrow. Make a positive impact on the environment.

Work Together

Respect one another. Appreciate diverse skills, experiences, and backgrounds. Actively contribute to shared outcomes. Do what is best for the Arboretum.

Keep Learning

Pursue knowledge and betterment. Challenge yourself to grow. Ask questions and listen openly to the perspectives of others. Experiment and evaluate to find improved ways of doing things. Find ways to increase effectiveness.

Make the Arboretum Exceptional

Take time to ensure a job well done. Give thought to the best possible approaches, plans, and outcomes. Make every aspect of the Arboretum the best it can be. Contribute to a great guest experience. Emphasize quality.

A Culture of Inclusion

The Arboretum fosters a culture of inclusion that attracts, inspires, and engages employees to achieve success. All applicants are guaranteed equal consideration for employment. The Arboretum strives to ensure that the career website is accessible to individuals of all abilities. If you are unable to complete the application, contact the Human Resources Department at, or at (630) 968-0074, to ask for an accommodation or an alternative application process. All applicants are guaranteed equal consideration for employment and the Arboretum is committed to a workplace free from discrimination.

Inclusion at the Arboretum


To attract and retain the best staff, The Morton Arboretum offers a generous, comprehensive benefits package as part of overall compensation. In addition to a robust benefits package, best of all may be the opportunity to work alongside a group of dedicated professionals whose shared vision is a greener, healthier, and more beautiful world where people and trees thrive together.

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The Morton Arboretum offers internships that inspire and support students and early professionals.

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