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The Plant Clinic can help with tree and plant selection, identifying and coping with plant pests and diseases, and practical advice for your garden.

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Plant Selection

Get expert help selecting the right tree or plant for your planting site or garden.

Search Trees and Plants

Search tree and plant profiles for descriptions and details that can help you make knowledgeable choices to plan and maintain your home, garden, or community landscape. Enter the particular characteristics you want in a tree, shrub, or other plants to search this list of hundreds of trees, shrubs, and other plants compiled by Arboretum experts.


Selecting and Planting Trees Guide

This publication highlights key factors to consider when planting a tree, including planting site characteristics, purchasing a quality tree, planting a tree, and maintaining the newly planted tree. The guide covers everything from evaluating your soil to when to plant, to what to look for when choosing a quality tree, and how to maintain your tree. A helpful checklist ensures trees will have all they need to thrive once they’re in the ground.

Download the Selecting and Planting Trees Guide >

Six Tips for Selecting a Healthy Tree

Having a hard time with selecting the right tree for your home or outdoor space? Watch Six Tips for Selecting a Healthy Tree and benefit from the advice and wisdom of the Arboretum’s Plant Clinic experts.