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Fall Gardening Tips

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September’s cooler weather and moist soils offer ideal conditions for fall planting. Begin planting spring flowering bulbs in mid-to-late September. Late summer into early autumn is the best time to divide perennials that bloom in spring and summer. Plant trees and shrubs, allowing enough time for roots to develop before the ground freezes.

Prepare for the first frost. Dig up tender perennials such as cannas, begonias, and gladiolus. Discard the tops and store bulbs, corms, and rhizomes in dry peat moss or vermiculite.

Bring house plants back indoors before night temperatures drop below 55°F.

Deadhead perennials, and discard dead and diseased foliage to reduce infection next year. Fertilize trees and shrubs after mid-September. Apply broadleaf weed killers to lawn.

Restock bird feeders and put out fresh water daily to help birds migrating south. 

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