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The Species Steward Training Program, developed by the Center for Species Survival: Trees, aims to expand capacity in tree identification, propagation, restoration, and conservation, particularly in biodiversity hotspots where species loss is greatest. It works to increase the capacity of local partners by empowering local groups to become advocates and stewards for trees and other natural resources.

For example, the training program has helped to establish tree nurseries to propagate threatened and native species, trained nursery personnel in horticultural techniques and species identification, and co-hosted workshops and outdoor events to discuss conservation with families and children.

Virtual courses are being developed to provide training in best practices for collecting herbarium specimens, starting a nursery, and propagating rare and threatened tree species. These courses will be complemented with in-person workshops and technical support visits.

Efforts to date have been focused in Mexico and Central America, and the program aims to expand its work to China and Southeast Asia, where the Arboretum’s Global Tree Conservation Program is also working to preserve oak species.


Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI)

Fondation Franklinia

Global Conservation Consortium for Oak (GCCO)

USDA Forest Service

The Walder Foundation


Dr. Maricela Rodríguez Acosta, Jardín Botánico Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, MX


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