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Find publications, tools, and outreach materials to guide collaborative conservation.

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Sharing the outputs of research is one of the most important ways the Arboretum’s Global Tree Conservation Program (GTCP) engages with other scientists as well as the general public. The GTCP team dedicates time to communicate their conservation work in a variety of ways through technical reports, scientific publications, training materials, and social media.

Everyone has a role to play in conservation, so the GTCP strives to make useful conservation resources accessible, straightforward, and audience-oriented. Below are some of the resources developed by the GTCP team for various conservation projects and audiences.

Reports and Publications

The Global Tree Conservation Program’s conservation work is rooted in scientific research. The program works with a broad range of collaborators, including students, scientists, and species experts, to gather, analyze, and interpret data.

Below are various reports and publications released by the Global Tree Conservation Program team, including the landmark report, Red List of Oaks 2020.

Species ID Guides

Two sets of species identification guides were published by the Global Conservation Consortium for Oak (GCCO) as free resources available for collaborators to use. These include a set of 6 cloud forest species guides in Spanish native to Costa Rica, and a set of 8 oak species native to California, USA, and Baja California, Mexico, offered in both English and Spanish.

Propagation Protocols

The Center for Species Survival: Trees collaborated with partners in Mexico and Costa Rica to develop a propagation protocol for Quercus insignis as part of the project, “Safeguarding the Endangered Oak Quercus insignis and its Montane Cloud Forest Habitat.”

This protocol will be an important resource distributed to partners throughout Costa Rica to learn how to collect, propagate, and successfully grow this critically endangered oak species, overall increasing its representation in living collections and its native population.

Additional Outreach Materials

The Global Tree Conservation Program provides miscellaneous articles, tools, and other resources that feature relevant conservation work. To share updates on our projects with as many audiences as possible, the Global Tree Conservation Program works with news outlets, nonprofit organizations, and botanic gardens to write articles and other forms of outreach.