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The Morton Arboretum Forestry Plots

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In the early 1900s, the Morton Arboretum established large, single-species plots to assess and demonstrate the “practical value of reforestation.” Today, it is using these plots to address questions about tree responses to climate change; relationships among leaf, stem, and root phenology; forest carbon and nutrient dynamics; and the connections among tree traits, soil invertebrate and microbial communities, and soil biogeochemistry. 


Rob Buchkowski

2020/2021 CTS Fellow
Western University

Ray Dybzinski

2019 CTS Fellow
Loyola University Chicago

Colleen Iverson

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Jessica Langguth

2019 CTS REU, 2020 CTS REEF
Ohio University

Janey Lineau

2020 CTS REU, 2021 CTS REEF

Steve McBride

University of Kentucky

Rosemary Mascarenhas

Schaumburg High School

Annalise Nordgren

DePaul University

Samantha Panock

2017 CTS URF
Loyola University Chicago

Ella Segal

2019 CTS REU
Rice University

Rachel Sims

2018 CTS URF, 2019 CTS REEF
Valparaiso University

Caylin Wiggins

2020 CTS RTF
Northern Illinois University

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Department of Energy

The Morton Arboretum


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