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Woodland Ecology (on demand)

Learn the essentials of woodland ecology and the woodland management techniques necessary to maintain threatened woodland ecosystems

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Woodlands and savannas once covered vast stretches of the Great Lakes region. Today, these ecosystems are threatened by encroaching development, invasive species, and pollution. Discuss the principles of woodland ecology underlying restoration practice, learn about sites that represent different stages of restoration, and explore the controversies surrounding the management of these systems in an engaging online course. 

In this online class, the self-guided material can be completed anytime, wherever you have access to a computer, at your own pace.

How self-paced online classes work:

  • To access the class, you will log into TreeLearning, the Arboretum’s online learning portal. Instructions for accessing TreeLearning will be sent to registrants by email from following registration. You have access to the course for 60 days and can complete the materials anytime.
  • Complete the self-paced e-learning modules with reading material, short videos, interactive activities, and quizzes to check your understanding. 
  • The course will take approximately 4 hours to complete. The course does not need to be completed in one sitting.

# W302-OD

  • This class is held entirely online and is available within one hour of registration. 
  • The online materials will take approximately 4 hours to complete. Materials can be completed at your own pace.
  • Participants will have access to online materials for 60 days after the course start date.


  • Participants must have access to the internet and know how to use a web browser (ex: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer)
  • A unique email address for each participant is required at registration. 
  • Participants must know how to send and receive email. 

Continuing education

This class fulfills the restoration ecology elective of the Natural Areas Conservation Training (N-ACT) Program. Learn more about N-ACT.


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