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Singapore Holly Bonsai Workshop

In this bonsai class you will learn to style and wire a Singapore holly tree.

Content Detail

Malpighia coccigera, commonly called miniature holly or Singapore holly, is a small low-growing, evergreen shrub. It is native to rocky slopes, thickets, and scrub forests in the West Indies. The leaves are dark green, hollylike, ¾ inches long, with undulate margins; they have spines at the tips of each lobe. The leaves are somewhat similar in appearance to the leaves of true hollies, however, this plant is not a member of the holly genus. Trumpet-shaped pink flowers (to 1/2 inch across) are produced singly or in pairs in summer, with some sporadic additional bloom occurring throughout the year. Flowers are followed by broad oval red berries.

The tree is winter hardy to USDA Zones 10b–11; in Illinois this is treated as a tropical tree. These plants dislike temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, so they must be brought inside once evening temperatures fall below that level. This plant prefers full sun but may appreciate some partial shade in the heat of the day.

The focus of this workshop will be on initial styling and wiring the tree. Care instructions will be included. All skill levels are welcome.

This program meets in person at the Arboretum and is presented by Prairie State Bonsai Society in conjunction with The Morton Arboretum’s Destination Asia Festival and Bonsai Show on the Arboretum’s East Side on Saturday, August 3 and Sunday, August 4.

Instructor: Larry Magee

Age: 16 and older

Course number: V107


Larry Magee

Larry Magee is a member and officer of Prairie State Bonsai Society and has been involved in bonsai for 40 years. He has studied bonsai with many of the most accomplished bonsai masters from the United States and Europe and recently traveled to Japan to attend its largest bonsai show.

What to Know

Price includes materials.

Students are asked to bring in the tools they have on hand. Extra tools will be provided by Prairie State Bonsai Society.

Material selection is by lottery drawing.

Program Schedule

Sunday, August 4, 2024, 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Thornhill Education Center, West Side


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