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ACCA Forest Ecology in a Changing World

Learn about forests, what they are, how they function, and why they are so important for our future.

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Trees and forests—both in urban areas and in the wild—provide essential benefits to society and the environment, but face increasing challenges that put them at risk.

This course will explore forest ecology through three units that include presentations, discussion, and field exploration: 

  • Ecological principles of biological organization (individual, populations, communities, ecosystems), with an emphasis on forests; 
  • Applications of these principles to current environmental problems impacting forests (the biodiversity crisis, global climate and environmental change, and others);
  • Current methods in forest ecology 

This program meets online and in person.

Sessions include live class meetings with your instructor via Zoom and in-person classes at the Arboretum and other local sites of interest. Students will also access readings and assignments through a course website at

Health and Safety: Program participants must abide by the Arboretum’s health and safety guidelines. Guidelines are subject to change, so please check back frequently. 

Prerequisite: General Biology and either introductory Botany OR Environmental Science OR Ecology OR permission of the instructor

Credit: Four semester hours (or equivalent), upper-division undergraduate


Registration: Please contact the Registrar’s Office at The Morton Arboretum ( or 630-719-2468, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday) and the relevant academic advisor at the school from which you wish to receive credit.

Notes: Students are expected to provide their own transportation and defray their own expenses on field trips


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