Bloom and Fall Color Reports

Fall Color Report: November 10 – November 16, 2023

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November 10, 2023

Though many branches are now bare, there is still beautiful color to enjoy among The Morton Arboretum’s trees, trails, and gardens.

This is the time of year to appreciate the golds and wine-reds of oaks and beeches. Fruits, such as crabapples, provide pops of color in unexpected places.

The best color this week can be seen among the Oak Collection (parking lots 7 and 8) and the Beech Collection (Parking Lot 14). Golden leaves along the ground will brighten a walk in the East Woods (parking lots 9 to 13), swishing and crunching underfoot. At parking lots 4 and 5, pause to enjoy not only the colorful crabapple fruits but the birds attracted to them.

The fall color season may be drawing to a close, but there are still plenty of sights, smells, and sounds to savor. The Arboretum’s views and trails reward a visit all through the year, so keep getting out into nature for refreshment and inspiration.

This will be the last Fall Color Report for this year. The Bloom Report will begin when trees and other plants begin to bloom in spring.



About the Fall Color Report

The Fall Color Report is written by the Arboretum’s manager of plant records, Ed Hedborn. It is typically published on Fridays throughout the fall to give members and guests a chance to plan their weekend visits. The Arboretum also publishes a weekly Bloom Report in springtime.


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