Scientific Staff

Sue Paist

ArbNet Coordinator

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As ArbNet Coordinator, Sue engages the Arboretum’s global network of partners.

By developing and strengthening communication channels, facilitating information exchange, and fostering collaboration and dialogue, Sue ensures that the Arboretum’s global network of partners remains well connected and informed.

Sue also coordinates the ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Program, which focuses on providing guidelines that enhance the strength and capacity of the Arboretum’s global network of tree-focused gardens.

Sue launched ArbNet in 2011 and has grown this worldwide community of arboreta to the more than 2,000 arboreta listed in The Morton Register and the more than 400 arboreta accredited in 33 countries in 2020.

Sue has presented ArbNet to many organizations, including the American Public Gardens Association, The Plant Network (UK), International Society of Arboriculture, Partners in Community Forestry, and at an international conference marking the 100-year celebration of the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Royal Forestry Institute and Experimental Arboreta in Vallombrosa, Italy.



University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN