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Oaks (genus Quercus) are keystone species in a wide range of ecosystems, where they perform critical ecosystem functions, including providing  food and habitat for animals. However, there are critical gaps in our knowledge of oaks in the Americas, and in our infrastructure and capacity to protect them. As a result, many oak species are threatened with extinction, and oak-dominated ecosystems are declining.

Oaks of the Americas Conservation Network (OACN) is an international, interdisciplinary consortium of oak experts from botanical gardens, arboreta, universities, government agencies, and nongovernment organizations working toward the common goal of studying and protecting oaks. OACN is focused on linking science to practice to achieve effective conservation of oak diversity.


Botanic Gardens Conservation International

Fauna & Flora International

Mexican Association of Botanic Gardens

Universidad Nacional Autonomo de Mexico (UNAM)

University of Minnesota

Vallarta Botanical Gardens

Funding Sources

Fondation Franklinia

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund


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