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Annual sweet pea is similar in appearance to the perennial sweet pea, except that it comes in a wider range of colors and the flowers are fragrant.

  • Family (English) Morning glory
  • Family (botanic) Convolvulaceae
  • Tree or plant type Ground cover, Vine
  • Native locale Non-native
  • Size range Low-growing plant (under 6 inches), Medium plant (12-24 inches), Small plant (6-12 inches)
  • Light exposure Full sun (6 hrs direct light daily)
  • Hardiness zones Zone 10, Zone 9
  • Shape or form Creeping, Vining
  • Growth rate Fast

Size and Method of Climbing: 

Annual sweet pea is an annual vine that can grow up to 8 feet in a season.  It climbs by tendrils. Vines with tendrils climb by twisting those tendrils around a support.  This type of vine grows well on trellises, arbors, wires or chain-link fences.

Native geographic location and habitat: 

This plant is native to Italy and Sicily.

Leaf description: 

Alternate, compound leaves with winged petioles arise from winged stems.  The leaves are green.

Flower description: 

Fragrant pea-type flowers come in a wide range of colors.  Numerous cultivars are available, and flower color varies by cultivar.

Fruit description: 

The fruits are legumes (pods), containing pea-like seeds.  The seeds should not be eaten.

Plant care: 

Annual sweet pea requires full sun to light shade.  These plants do best when temperatures are cool, so they may not do well in very hot summers.

List of pests and diseases: 

This plant has no serious problems.


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