Climate and Sustainability

Take Climate Action

Make a difference for trees in a changing climate.

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It’s more important than ever before to value all trees—those on your property, in your community, and around the world.

Here are five effective, science-based climate actions you can take for trees.

  1. Plant a tree, but not just any tree. Plant the right tree in the right place, and give it the right care. Make sure it is different than your neighbor’s. The Arboretum’s Plant Clinic can help.
  2. Care for existing trees by properly watering, mulching, and pruning.
  3. Protect large, old trees, which provide the most benefits. It is better to preserve these trees than to replace them, as large trees take decades to grow.
  4. Advocate for trees. Talk with your community and your local government about the importance of preserving and planting trees.
  5. Support organizations that plant and protect trees, like The Morton Arboretum. Make a gift today.