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Letter from the President and CEO

Dear Friends and Supporters,

In 2023, The Morton Arboretum expanded the impact of its tree-focused mission and advanced its vision of a greener, healthier, more beautiful world where people and trees thrive together.

In partnership with internal and external stakeholders, we reshaped the Arboretum’s strategic priorities: that people and communities are engaged and inspired; knowledge is advanced through collaborative scientific inquiry; and trees are protected, preserved, and supported.

A major milestone was achieved when the International Union for Conservation of Nature named The Morton Arboretum as the Center for Species Survival: Trees, the only global center focused on conserving plants. This influential designation is expanding our capacity to catalyze conservation efforts in biodiversity hotspots around the globe. Additionally, the Arboretum was awarded a historic $23 million in federal Inflation Reduction Act funding to improve the tree canopy in disadvantaged communities across Illinois.

The living collections that are at the very center of our purpose as an Arboretum were expanded with the planting of new conservation groves of endangered tree species. And, more than 18,000 children spent time learning and exploring in the Arboretum’s woods while developing an appreciation for trees and excitement about science on school field trips.

During the year, we became more deeply connected to communities by expanding programming and partnerships with numerous local organizations to inspire a love of trees. On-site we made more areas of the Arboretum accessible with the addition of a new ADA-compliant event pavilion and by reconfiguring the popular Conifer Walk, making the path for Illumination: Tree Lights at The Morton Arboretum fully available to those using wheelchairs.

These and many other achievements were made possible through the generous contributions of donors, trustees, members, volunteers, and staff.

Thank you for your continued partnership and support in helping people and trees thrive together.

With gratitude,

Board of Trustees

Trustees, elected to their roles, are responsible for overall governance of the institution and advancement of its mission.

As of December 31, 2023


Robert J. Schillerstrom


Anna Caroline Ball

Vice Chair

E. James Dondlinger


Mark C. Gossett


Kelly Powers Baria

Robert A. Bartlett, Jr.

Pat A. Basu, MD

Walter W. Becky II

Barbara J. Bradford

Christopher B. Burke, PhD

Mary L. Burke

Michael E. Cahill

Trisha L. Conley

Robert L. Fealy

Asheesh Goel

Troy D. Hammond, PhD

Matt Harris

Andrew O. Johnson

Robert E. Kress

Charles P. McQuaid

Jamal J. Scott, EdD

Stephen C. Van Arsdell

Life Trustees

Elisabeth G. Bacon

Stephen W. Baird

Natalie Culley

James F. Dickerson

Ann Grube

Darrell B. Jackson

Henry B. Pearsall


President and CEO

Jill Koski
The Morton Arboretum

Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors advises The Morton Arboretum leadership on key topics.

As of December 31, 2023

Jim Parsons


Mark Adams

George Berry IV

Barbara J. Bradford*

Sue Buchanan

Fernando S. Ereneta

Tom Gleitsman

Ted Haffner

Tim Hermann

Darius Horton

Scott Jamieson

Andrew O. Johnson*

Mitchell Jones

Karen Kurek

Matthew B. Mouw

Willson Rasavongxay

Lee Selander

James B. Smith

Nancy Hamill Winter

Kathleen C. Yosko



Evergreen Gala Host Committee

The Evergreen Gala Host Committee advises The Morton Arboretum leadership on the major annual fundraising event.

As of December 31, 2023

Chris Bobowski and Tom Tyler

Barbara Bradford* and Bob Sherman

Jan and Jim* Dondlinger

Asheesh Goel* and Shmaila Tahir

Vanessa and Darius Horton

Monica and Andy* Johnson

Sara and Willson Rasavongxay

Kristyn and Michael Van Eekeren


* Indicates Trustee or Life Trustee

Individual Donors

As a nonprofit organization, The Morton Arboretum is grateful to all those who supported its mission through generous philanthropic contributions in 2023.

$250,000 and above

Susan and Stephen* Baird Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Charles* P. McQuaid

$100,000 to $249,999

Anna Caroline Ball*

Ms. Margaret Madden

$50,000 to $99,999

Mr. and Mrs. Walter* W. Becky II

Robert F. Berry Charitable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher* B. Burke

Michael Cushing

Asheesh Goel* and Shmaila Tahir

Ann* and John Grube

Kenneth and Susan Koranda

Ms. Janice E. Milano

Nayar Family Foundation

$25,000 to $49,999

Anonymous (3)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert* A. Bartlett, Jr.

Susan Beard

Mrs. Barbara Bradford* and Mr. Robert L. Sherman

Irene Brajner and Jennifer Ziobro

The Christopher Family

Mr. and Mrs.* John Conley

Marianne Tralewski Dennis

Rose and Bob* Fealy

Mary M. Forester

Lynne Friedlander and Jay Crawford

Mr. and Mrs. Mark* Gossett

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew* O. Johnson

Connie and Dennis Keller

Susan Langosch and Eric Lee

Susan and Joseph Lunn

In Memory of Audrey N. Moriarty

J. David^ and Sally Field Mullan

Andrew L. and Jeanne Pagorek

Mrs. Ann Reiland

Kathleen and Charles Sharp

Philip and Becky Tinkler

Louhon and Carolyn Tucker

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen* C. Van Arsdell

$10,000 to $24,999

Kit and Duncan Alexander

Dan Anderson

Anonymous (5)

Yannis Arvanitis

Ruth and Thomas Bastian

Pat* and Kelly Basu

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bauer

Ms. Jennifer Beard and Mr. John Beard

Martha Begalla and Luke McCormack

Nancy Bernhardt

Andrea Billhardt

T. Eugene Blanchard Memorial Giving Fund

Richard and Jurate Bucha

Kelley and Adam Burke

Ms. Mary L. Burke*

Alexander Butkus

Michael* and Margaret Cahill

Mr. and Mrs. E. James* Dondlinger

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Donnelley II

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Doyle

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Featherstone

Mr. David Fraser

David and Maggie Gibson

Ms. Barbara Jean Gore

Elaine J. Gross

Ted Haffner

Chip and Marietta Hance

Martin and Patricia Jahn

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Jans

Nada Jensen

Gary and Judi Johnson

Julian Family Foundation

Mike and Laurie Kelly

Emil J. and Marie D. Kochton Foundation

Jill Koski and David Ferguson

Posy Krehbiel^

Bob* and Florence Kress

Robert Lawinger

In Memory of Beth G. Maguire

Michael^ and Margaret McCoy

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Micatka

Kevin and Francine Morse

Paul and Molly Neustadt

The Peterson Family

Willson and Sara Rasavongxay

Neal and Jennifer Reenan

Susan and Terrence Riordan

Al and June Rogers

Thomas Schatzeder

Robert Schillerstrom* and Mary Beth O'Connor

Kathy and Kevin Schulte

Lee S. Selander

Steve and Megan Shebik

John and Kay Sims

Martin and Catherine Slark

TnT Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Van Eekeren

Nancy Hamill Winter

Kathleen C. Yosko

Mary A. Zell

$5,000 to $9,999

Mark and Darcy Adams

Anonymous (2)

Harry Appelman

Hilary Appelman

Sharon Argotsinger

Elisabeth* and John Bacon Jr.

Sue Bak

Dr. Sandra Barkan and Bronwyn Barkan

Fred and Kathleen Bauters

Dr. Frank Chalk

JoAnn Clay

Ginny Cook

Couch Family Foundation

Jamie and Pam Crouthamel

Josh and Jondra Davis

Dr. and Mrs. Gerard T. Donnelly

Robert Drucker

Patti Fellows

Mr. Michael Freedman

Andrew Gabor

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Garber

Jeff Golota

James Gurney and Daniel Goss

Delph Gustitus and Therese Arnaudo

Tim and Debra Hermann

Darius and Vanessa Horton

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Koten

Linda Kraft

Thomas and Elaine Layden

Diane Lubarski

Mary Ellyn Madden

Tim^ and Patti Malloy

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald McKee

Paul and Renata McLean

Drs. Anthony J. and Dietra D. Millard

Amos Miner

Jane E. Moore

Susan Moore and Patricia Kiley

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mulcahy

Espie and Don Nelson

Mrs. Linda Nolten

Jane and Henry* Pearsall

Keri and Connor Roth

Mr. and Ms. Matthew Sawin

Marilyn Schweitzer and Michael Firman

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Smith II

Mr. Kenneth Youga

Mr. Tony Zalewski and Ms. Joanna Myers

$2,500 to $4,999

Joan Ackerman and Julie Stromberg

The Allyn Foundation

Anonymous (8)

Amanda and Jonathan Arnold

Abdul Aziz and Rozina Lalji

Edgar Bachrach and Marge Malo

William B. and Denise S. Baikie

Ms. Christine Banaszak

William and Sally^ Barnard

Karen and James Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Barnett

H and R Bear

Gary and Ave Berkshire, Sr.

The Birck Family Fund

Dr. and Mrs. John Bodine

James and Cynthia Bowhay

Rebecca Boyle

Michelle Butler and Matthew Downes

Michael and Dorothy Carbon

Charles Carlson and Denise Weaver

Judy and Rod Carringer

Bill and Jill Chittenden

Ching-Roung and Yuang-Gi Chou

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Click

William^ and Mary Sue Coates

Marianne Coogan

Dr. Maria Rosa Costanzo and the Honorable S. Louis Rathje

Peggy Cox and Mark Waszak

Nicole Cullen

Ron and Joy Detmer

Angelo and Kim DiGangi

Bob DiMeo

Monica Donath and Sherry Petricca

Ruth and James Fawley

Fischer Family Charitable Fund

Susan Florczak

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Frantzen

James Frego

Ruta Freimanis

Gail S. Fu

Ms. Ann Galezio

Martha Garnett

James Godshalk and Beverly Walter

Mr. Howard Goldstein and Ms. Margaret McGrath

Andrea Goodman

Ms. Denise Graczyk and Mr. Michael Keenan

Lane and Gretchen Greever

Linda Gurak

Alison and Thomas Hafner

John and Sally Hard

Kevin Hardey and Vicki Milligan-Hardey

Mr. and Mrs. Matt* Harris

Thomas Hatakeyama and Jaclyn MacDonald

Greg and Alyssa Heidrich

Darrell and Cheryl Holmes and Family

The Hyett Family

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jackson

Scott and Diane Jamieson

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Jensen

Susan Johansen

Deskin and Elizabeth Jones

Dale and Davida Kalina

Heidi and Rod Kaplan

Jim Kay

Ms. Rita A. Kenning

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Koerner

Robert and Cheryl Kopecky

Kristopher and Liz Kowal

Robert J. and Margaret E. Kozurek

Colleen and Robert Krol

Karen L. Kurek

Sue and Dick Lamb

Thomas Lenz and Dianne Carter

Gail Leslie and John DeLand

Leviton and Mayers Household

Gary and Maureen Lichtenheld

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Lowrie

Bernie and Janice Mack

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Maddox

Kevin and Patrice Marks and Kelsey Marks

Donna Max

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McLeod

Judy and Gary Montgomery

Frank and Jackie Murnane

Tim Murray

Gayle Nordlof

Reilly O'Connor

Roger and Barbara Yaney Palmer

The Richard Laurence Parish Foundation

James D. Parsons Gift Fund

Eli and Marie Peterson

Andrew and Brittany Pitakos

Q and D Podraza

James Prescott

Bill Radon

James and Laurie Renn

Brian^ and Barbara Renwick

Paula Rooney and Family

Matthew Rostollan and Paige Savage

Steve and Sheila Sarovich

Ted and Dianne Saul

Melissa and Adam Schmitz

Seyfarth Family Donor Advised Fund

Kathleen Spiess

Kay and Jay Strayer

Edmund and Kathy Sylvester

Mr. Michael Szafranski

Peter and Danielle Tomczak

Mr. and Mrs. John Tubutis

Tom Tyler and Chris Bobowski

Dr. Jacqueline A. Vernot and Dr. Raymond P. Kotz

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Vianzon

Gail and Darrell Voitik

Ms. Mardelle Vonderohe and Mr. Robert Vonderohe

Michael and Diane Webb

Liz and Bill^ Werth

Amy and Morris Westerhold

Brian Wetmore

Philip C. Wiederhold

Mike and Chris Wilson

Scott and Lisa Wilson

Bruce and Pam Wolfe

$1,500 to $2,499

Dennis and Kathy Abboud

Robert W. Ammann

Mary Anast

Stephen F. and Mary Ann Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Cushman L. Andrews

Anonymous (5)

Mr. and Mrs. David Arch

Michael Arnold and Monica Wallace

Kelly Powers Baria* and Jeffrey Alstadt

Peggy Bartel-Stanitz

Ms. Nancy Bartkowiak

Mr. and Mrs. David Beckman

Ronald and Helen Bell

Zachary and Sarah Benning

Suzanne Bessette-Smith and David Smith

Marsha L. Beste

Luke and Sara Blanshard

Phyllis Bleck

W. Brand and Mary Ann Bobosky

Alan and Jennifer Boyce

Ms. Margaret Braband

Michael and Linda Bresolin

Jonathon Brown

Mr. Thomas Brown

Carol and John Bruns

Buchanan Family

Moira and Howard^ Buhse

Susan Burner

Mary Gardner Burrelle and Philippe Burrelle

Christina Cahill and David Brookhart

Mr. and Mrs. John Callahan

Doug and Suzanne Carty

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Chua

Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Cleveland

Susan Coghlan

Erica Coppolino

Anne Crawford and Adam Wood

Natalie Culley*

Robin Currie and Robert Beeching

Debra Czink and Linda Horton

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Daly

Susan Davis and Keith Crandell

Jeff and Lara Delheimer

Wanda Denton and Jeremiah Fish

Mr. and Mrs. Luke Diana

Mr. and Mrs. James* F. Dickerson

The Diggs Family

Carole Dobbie and Lesa Bradford

Gerry and Pat Dobkowski

Carole R. and Peter E. Doris, MD

Shafondra and Glenn Dougherty

Mr. and Mrs. Jason R. Duck

Catherine Eisen

Megan and Joseph Elberts

Mr. and Mrs. David Erickson

Mr. and Mrs. James Evans

Claudia F. Fabela

William J. and Mary Jo S. Fairbanks

Mr. and Mrs. Richard^ Favoriti

Mary and Bruce Feay

Mr. and Mrs. David Findling

Anne and Mark Finn

Robert Fischetti and JoAnn Garcia

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fleming

Ms. Joni Flynn and Mr. Cliff Marcott

Ms. Jean Follett and Mr. Douglas Thompson

Jeremy and Amy Ford

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Gaffigan

Joan Gagen

Dr. and Mrs. Yogesh Gandhi

John and Bernice^ Gardner

Henry and Sandra Gentry

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Glenn

Rick and Alice Godfrey

Ms. Sarah Grantham and Mr. Vijay Bhagavan

Dr. and Mrs. D. Allan Gray

Mr. and Mrs. James Grebner

Timothy Green and Octavia Powell

Pat and Carl Greer

Rohit and Pooja Gupta

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gustafson

Anita North Hamill

Dr. Troy Hammond* and Ms. Sue Kane-Hammond

Mr. Daryl Hartman and Mr. Keith Watson

Nancy and Jack Hartung

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hein

Karen Heller and Robert Becker

Nick and Karen Helton

Karen and Paul Herkes

Joel Hirsh

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hohnsen

Carol T. Holden

Dave and Suzanne Horvath

Alexander Hristov

Min-Hsiu and Jong-Yee Huang

Carol and Samuel Hughes

Adrienne and Chris Jackiw

Carl and Shay Jacobson

Ulziikhishig Jambaldagva

Elon James

John and Elizabeth Jenkins

Mrs. Jennifer Jones and Mr. Gregory Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Jones

Susan Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Kamer

Ms. Susan Khalaieff and Mr. Nicholas Khalaieff

Mr. and Mrs. Willis Kidd

Kumie and Yang K. Kim

Mr. and Mrs. David W. King

Victoria Klimkiewicz

Diann Kohley

Dr. and Mrs. Martin Kolinski

Alene Korby

Kristen and Charles Krah

Muriel Krakar

Shawna Kurcz

Walter and Mary Langbein

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Latelle

Jay and Suzanne Lawrence

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lehe

Angel and Zach Leveston

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lewis

Celine Lillie

Harriet Lindstrom

Andrea Majewski

Christina Marciniak and Michael Brown

Richard James McCann Foundation

Elaine McCluskey

Dr. and Mrs. Randall McGivney

Paul and Kimberly Mehring

Katherine Mercy and Ravi Padmanaban

Dr. and Mrs. Zeyd Merenkov

Cathy and Paul Misniak

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Morrow

Kim Morton and Ronald Kok-Alblas

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Nagengast

Fred Nolan and Mary Bahna-Nolan

Bernadette A. Nowicki

Dr. Margaret Otto

Sarah R. Packard

Ashley and Geoffrey Palmer

Pat and Lara Pappas

Mark D. Paulus

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pehlke

Kris and John Petro

Ms. Patricia Pettrone and Mr. Christopher Haraf

Mr. and Mrs. Ravichandran

Greg Regan

Michael and Sally Reiss

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Roberg

Ms. Celia E. Rodee and Mr. Peter E. Cooper

Carol Jean Rogalski, PhD

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Rogers

Barbara E. Rose

Dan and Lin Rosenthal

Ms. Jacqueline Ryan and Ms. Bonnie Park

Carole A. Sachen

Ms. Mary Sauber and Ms. Susan Sauber

Christopher Saunders and John Farrow

William Saveley and Erendira Arias

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Scalf

Dr. and Mrs. David Schlieben

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Schroeder

Jamal* and Racquel Scott

Jane Shapiro and Jennifer Thompson

The Siblings of Larry Sheaffer

Ms. Susan Shih

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Siefert

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Sieve

Donald and Mary Ellen Simonsen

Victoria M. Skala

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Solomon

Ms. Janice Sommer

Ms. Sue Stealey

Dr. Bob Stone and Pamela Nelson

Chris and Renee Sullivan

Martin Swarbrick and Mary Lynn Fayoumi

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Swires

Lisa and James Taylor

Deanna Taylor-Rodriguez and Francisco Rodriguez

Mitchell Theys

Andrea and Jim Thome

Chad and Megan Thompson

Michelle and Steven Thorsell

Dr. Jeffrey Tilkin, MD

Andy and Pam Tolve

Ms. Cindy Trennert-Lukens

Joan and Dave Trushin

Steven Tyriver and Gayle Gordon-Tyriver

Mike and Linn Ann Tyrrell

Bonnie R. Valiant

Bruce and Mary VanCleave

Cam and Jacqueline Walker

Bethany Way-Thompson and Jackie Thompson

William and Barbara Wester

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Whalls

Katrina and Mark Willis

Kathryn Wilson

Rebecca Wittmuss

Ann Worden and Mary and Neil Maloney

Jean Wu

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar L. Yee

Ms. Phyllis Young and Dr. Mark Ferguson

Mr. James P. Zaluba

Jerry and Jody Zamirowski

Mr. and Mrs. R. Zaniolo

Mel Ziska

Ms. Nafsica Zotos

Bill and Sue Zumstein

Doug and Naomi Zweig

Gail and Art Zwemke


* Indicates Trustee or Life Trustee
^ Indicates remembered


Institutional Funders

The Morton Arboretum gratefully acknowledges the following businesses, foundations, and government partners that made financial contributions in 2023.

$100,000 and above

F.A. Bartlett Tree Expert Co.

Daniel P. Haerther Charitable Trust

Hamill Family Foundation

Invesco QQQ

Morton Salt

Nicor Gas

Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Foundation

The Walder Foundation

$50,000 to $99,999


American Forests

The Brinson Foundation


Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation

International Paper

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Maine Community Foundation

Manitou Fund

Molex Incorporated

$25,000 to $49,999

Arbor Day Foundation

Bartlett Tree Experts

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Featherstone Inc.

Kirkland & Ellis Foundation

Lumpkin Family Foundation


One Tree Planted

$10,000 to $24,999




Bank of America

The Alfred Bersted Foundation

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois

BNSF Railway Foundation

Career Vision

The Dick Family Foundation

DuPage Foundation

Exelon Corporation

Fernando S. Ereneta Legacy Wealth Advisors Raymond James

Fiducient Advisors

Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust

Illinois Arts Council Agency

Illinois Tool Works Foundation

Kinder Morgan Foundation

Maxwell/Hanrahan Foundation

Robert R. McCormick Foundation

Patriot Pavement Maintenance

PNC Financial Services Group

Robert Bosch LLC


The Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust

Spraying Systems Co.

Sterling Solutions

William Blair & Company, LLC

$5,000 to $9,999

Chicago Society Foundation

Roberta M. Childs Foundation

William J. Clancy Foundation

Coeur Mining

Patrick and Anna M. Cudahy Fund


Green Extraction Technologies

Greenstate Credit Union

Ice Miller LLP

Mayer Brown LLP

Nolan Transportation Group

Peace N' Roses LLC

Sevan Multi-Site Solutions

State of Illinois


$2,500 to $4,999

Amsted Industries Foundation

Blistex Inc.

CF Industries

Connor & Gallagher OneSource

Darwill, Inc.

Fresenius Kabi USA

Icon Modern

Illinois State Historical Records Advisory Board


LEAGUE at AT&T Chicago Chapter

McGraw Foundation

Millennium Trust Company

Naperville Outdoor Alliance

Helen and Curtis Pinnell Foundation

Plante Moran

Frank and Evelyn Schmidt Family Foundation

Sebert Landscape

The South Church


1922 Legacy Society

The 1922 Legacy Society recognizes those who have included The Morton Arboretum in their estate plans.

Ms. Debra Albers

Jessica and Chris Anderson

Anonymous (39)

Anna Caroline Ball*

Mr. and Mrs. Walter* W. Becky II

Eddie and Cynthia Bedford

Andrea Billhardt

Ms. Celestia Boughner

Charles Bowling^

Don and Mary Brown

Mr. Daniel S. Bures

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher* B. Burke

Steven Canavis

Dorothy Carbon

Sally and Philip Casper

Karla Christianson

Bill^ and Mary Sue Coates

Ginny Cook

David Coulter

Natalie Culley*

Dr. David Curd

Ms. Janice Deegan

Joy and Ron Detmer

Mr. and Mrs. James* F. Dickerson

Lynn A. Dieter and LaVora E. Singleton

Marshall and Jodi Dirks

O. Wesley Dodd

Dr. and Mrs. Gerard T. Donnelly

Carole R. and Peter E. Doris, MD

Robert and Lori Everett

Bonnie G. Everhart

William J. and Mary Jo S. Fairbanks

Mr. Carl B. Fausey

Curtis B. Frank

Lynne S. Friedlander

Sharon Kotzin Frolick

Robert M. and Mary B. Funke

Dan and Charlotte Gallagher

Deborah and Patrick Garner

Hendrica Ghali

David and Maggie Gibson

Betty Glover

Howard Goldstein and Margaret (Peggy) McGrath

Mary Louise Gorno

Michael and Gina Greenen

Judy Grey

Ann* and John Grube

Daniel P. Haerther Charitable Trust

John M. Hagstrom

Mrs. Anne Hall^

Marilyn J. Halperin

Anita North Hamill

William and Linda Hanley

Daryl Hartman and Keith Watson

Frank^ and Joan^ Hendrickson

Victor and Julie Hildebrand

Dan^ and Gloria Hollister

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hunt

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jendrzejczyk

John A. and Virginia^ H. Jones

Harry and Maritherese Kamer

Victoria A. Klimkiewicz

Natalie Knight

Robert and Sharon^ Kohnen

Dr. Ronald J. Kolar and Nancy J. Kolar

Dorothy E. Larsen

Eric Lee and Susan Langosch

Mr. and Mrs. Byron Leonard

Bernie and Janice Mack

Suzette M. Mahneke

Tim^ and Patti Malloy

Michael^ and Margaret McCoy

Mrs. Olive McKay^

Cathy and Al Meo

Cathy and Paul Misniak

Mrs. Rowena C. Montgomery

William and Bonnie Mucha

Mary M. Mullen

Richard James Murphy

Suzanne Marie Noller

Edith Northfield

Frank S. Orto

Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Ozinga

Andrew L. and Jeanne Pagorek

Bonnie M. Park

Irma Parker^

Jane and Henry* Pearsall

Suzy and Bob Peters

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Prepejchal

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Pugh

Andrew and Melinda Querio

The Phillips Quinn Family

Ginny and Don Raths

Ann and Bob^ Reiland

Kell and Barb Reimann

Sherry and Bob^ Reum

Paul E. and Jacquelyn R. Rewerts

Mr.^ and Mrs.^ Roy Ringo

Carol Jean Rogalski, PhD

Robert B. Rosenberg

Jacqueline M. Ryan

Verie Sandborg^

Hildegarde Schmidt

Lee S. Selander

Susan Simmons

Mrs. Hilary C. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Duane^ E. Stout

Craig A. Summers

Austin and Jordan Thomas

Ms. Lori Trinche

Louhon and Carolyn Tucker

Lorna Turner

Bonnie R. Valiant

Dee L. Van Leeuwen

Ms. Sharon M. West

Philip C. Wiederhold

Ms. Mary Glenn Wiley^

Nancy Hamill Winter

Bobby Xhilone

Mary A. Zell

The Zigterman Family Trust

Estate Gifts

Agnes Dentice^

Joann Gephart^

Mary Gower^

Estate of Mrs. Helen Gray

Marjorie Nicholas^

Ms. Mary Glenn Wiley^

Wayne Wolf^


* Indicates Trustee or Life Trustee
^ Indicates remembered


Employee Donors

Scott Allen

Jessica Anderson

Timothy Anderson


Patty Arend

Sara Arnas

Barbara Baron

Kris Bachtell

Preston Bautista

Jan Beck

Beverly Blake

Beth Botts

Brenda M. Brocato

Jennifer Brunetti

Shannon Cleary

Anna Cosner

Kathi D'Amico

Kathryn Damato

Jim Demikis

Victoria DeVylder

DM DiSantis

Carissa Dougherty

Rachel Dyer

Mr. Kevin Earll

Elaine Ebeling

Sarah Edge

Colleen Emrick

Barb Epley

Debbie Erber

James Fawley

Rachelle Frosch

Jacquie Gammons

Lisa Gaynor

Emilian Geczi

Megan Gensler

Andrew Gilfillan

Sara Glas

William Gora

Charles Gutsmiedl

Kat Haberman

Ms. Rita M. Hassert

Rosellen Hayner

Deborah Heinze

Retta Hennessy

Kristin Herzog

Susan L. Jacobson

Todd C. Jacobson

Sylvia Jasso-Labanauskas

Laura Kamedulski

Mary Claire Kastenholz

Frank Klock

Anne Klos

Natalie Knight

Jill Koski

Nicholas LaPointe

Holly Larson

Thomas Laskowski

Jean Leidinger

Katrina Lewin

Joyce Lyons

Tari Marshall

Jenelle Metcalf

Kathleen Mittel

Cynthia Moran

Dana Mroczek

April Mrozek

Lynette Myers

Gary Nelson

Rick Nelson

Kathryn Neuffer

Kelly Nolan

James O'Hara

Mary Pavia

Cheryl Pawlak

Larry Peterman^

Julie Phelan

Krista Phelps

Mr. Ronald P. Picco

Trinity Pierce

Nancy J. Porte

Kimberly Powell

Richard Radtke

Ann Rady

Sai Ravichandran

Robert Reilley

Edelyn Reyes

Aimee Rizk

Dana Rotz

Peg Rurik

Megan Salgado

Danielle Scheidt

Kent Schielke

Natalie Schilke

Patrice Schmitt

Venetia Simaytis

Robert Snow

Monica Solomon

Kathleen Spiess

Paul Stauffer

Monica Strempek

Melissa Suopys

Scott Swords

Austin Thomas

Sarah Thompson

Karen Tornberg

Caitlyn Turner

Sue Wagner

Kathy Wakai

Lisa Warren

Julie Wesselhoff

Murphy Westwood

George Wick

Meghan Wiesbrock

Jill Wilkinson

Pete Wilt

Claudia Wood

Cathy Zimmerman

^Indicates remembered



In-Kind Donors

A. Marek Fine Jewelry

Angeli's Restaurant

Aramark Corporation

Susan and Stephen* Baird Family Foundation

Banner Studios

Blackberry Market

Jim Blauw and Krista Grimm

BMO Harris Bank

Boxed Water Is Better

Mrs. Barbara Bradford* and Mr. Robert L. Sherman

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher* B. Burke

William and Dongyi Carvell

Steve Chiang and Dawn Bishop Chiang

Richard Condit

Cookies by Ivy

Costello Jewelers

Jim* and Jan Dondlinger

Elegant Facets

Carol Giancola

Asheesh Goel* and Shmaila Tahir

David E. Good

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* Indicates Trustee or Life Trustee

Statement of Activities

Year ended December 31, 2023

Revenue and Support


  • Retail Services $11,798,544
  • Admissions 2,178,345
  • Education 1,339,174
  • Visitor Events 7,158,477


  • Development 8,893,034
  • Government Grants 2,402,084
  • Membership 6,453,042

Total Revenue and Support




  • Collections and Facilities $11,485,579
  • Education 1,629,633
  • Science and Conservation 6,804,068
  • Public Programs 2,229,088
  • Retail Services 9,696,204
  • Visitor Services 4,955,760
  • Interest 1,565,975
  • Depreciation 3,825,955

Support Services

  • Administration $6,435,376
  • Marketing 2,607,362
  • Membership 1,740,900
  • Development 2,176,211

Total Expenses


Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets

  • From Operations $(14,929,412)
  • Investment Activity $31,680,373

Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets




Statement of Financial Position

Year ended December 31, 2023


  • Cash $6,626,531
  • Investments in Marketable Securities, at Fair Value 282,299,588
  • Receivables 2,275,356
  • Property and Equipment, Net 62,209,051
  • Other Assets 1,500,423

Total Assets



  • Accounts Payable and Other Accrued Liabilities $6,244,466
  • Bonds Payable, Net 51,129,589

Total Liabilities


Net Assets

  • Without Donor Restrictions $284,601,079
  • With Donor Restrictions 12,935,815

Total Net Assets


Total Liabilities and Net Assets



We rely on philanthropic support to sustain the Arboretum, where the power of trees makes a positive impact on people’s lives.

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