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Photography Permits

Capture your picture-perfect day with a professional photographer.

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The Morton Arboretum is an ideal picture-perfect setting. A permit is required for all posed and formal photography or video recording.

Permits are required for professionally conducted formal photography and videography for private personal use only (examples: engagement and wedding photos, family portraits, prom pictures, and quinceañera). All photo permits are good for an hour and subject to availability. Your nonrefundable permit fee includes your permit, gate admission, and parking for every member of your party.

If you are hosting a private event at The Morton Arboretum, the permit fee is waived.

The Arboretum does not issue permits for commercial photography or videography. Permits may only be obtained for the private uses described above.

Permit Policies and Pricing

Photography permits must be purchased in advance; members and guests can view available dates and times to purchase a permit online.

Permit sales open online on the first of the month and are subject to availability. Permits are date and time-specific, and may not be available on days when the Arboretum is holding special events.

Permits are released two months at a time. Please check back later if your desired date is not within the next two months.

Permits are good for one hour.

No photography is permitted in the Maze, Children’s Garden, Wonder Woods Mini Golf Course, or in any Arboretum buildings. Access to locations like the Grand Garden may be restricted for Arboretum events, event set-up, or rentals. The permit does not include access to any Arboretum buildings for the purpose of photography. The Morton Arboretum reserves the right to restrict access to sections of our grounds for maintenance, Arboretum events, or rentals.

Permit prices are subject to change without notice.

Permits are sold as non-refundable; in case of inclement weather, the photo permit can be rescheduled, up to three days before the date on the permit.

Note: Smoking, including vaping and the use of e-cigarettes, alcohol, and pets are not allowed during photo sessions. Drones, including those used for photography, are not allowed.

Permit Pricing

Counts include the photographer and any assistants present at the shoot.

1 to 4 people
Member: $50
Guest: $125

5 to 10 people
Member: $175
Guest: $250

11 to 25 people
Member: $225
Guest: $325

Prom photos (students only)
Member: $175
Guest: $250

Date Availability

Photography permits are not available on specific days throughout the year:

  • Saturday, April 27
  • Saturday, May 4
  • Sunday, May 5
  • Saturday, June 22
  • Saturday, August 3
  • Sunday, August 4
  • Saturday, August 17
  • Sunday, August 18
  • Saturday, September 14
  • Saturday, September 28
  • Sunday, September 29
  • Saturday, October 5
  • Saturday, October 26 until 1:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, November 28
  • Wednesday, December 25

Photography Waiver

This waiver is agreed to by all guests. No further releases are required.

During your visit, The Morton Arboretum may be filming or recording visual, audio, or other data. By entering the Arboretum, you irrevocably consent to and authorize The Morton Arboretum, its successors, assigns, and licensees, to record you and to use these recordings without limit in any and all media for any purpose.

All recordings shall be the property of The Morton Arboretum, and you release The Morton Arboretum, its successors assigns, and licensees, from any and all liability on account of such usage. If you do not wish to be recorded, please do not enter The Morton Arboretum.