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Grow a Midnight Garden (online)

Add a touch of mystery and the macabre to your home garden.

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Add a touch of mystery and the macabre to your home garden. Just in time for Halloween, this online class will delve into the dark side of gardening with unconventional plants, harrowing herbs, and creepy garden art that conjures gothic Victorian gloom. In this class,

  • discover a world of plants with hues of black, deep purple, and blood red;
  • learn about herbs used in witchcraft and pagan rituals; 
  • learn about plants that are unsuspectingly malicious;
  • get inspiration for garden art that will raise the hair on your visitors’ necks.

Whether you want to turn your home garden into a midnight garden, add a few dark plants for contrast, or just enjoy a new take on garden design, come and celebrate the season with this dreadfully delightful online class. 

How do I access the program?

  • Your link to join the program will be included in the order summary email you receive after registering. Keep this email handy.
  • Click on the link at the scheduled date and time. 
  • This program will take place on Zoom. You will need access to the internet to participate. 
  • Registrants will receive a Zoom link by email. Click on the link to join the program at the scheduled date and time. 
  • To ensure you receive the link, please add to your address book. 
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  •  Limit 50

Amanda Thomsen, author and horticulturist

Amanda Thomsen is a horticulturist, garden designer, keynote speaker, freelance writer, backyard consultant, and author living in suburban Chicago. She has been working in gardens, garden centers and landscaping for the last 20 years.  Thomsen is the author of two books: Kiss My Aster: A Graphic Guide to Creating a Terrific Yard Totally Tailored to You (Storey 2012) and Backyard Adventure: Get Messy, Get Wet, Build Cool Things, and Have Tons of Fun (Storey 2019). Thomsen’s focus is bringing rule-breaking fun, a little kitsch and a lot of humor into an industry that is often thought of as stodgy and full of rules.  She wants to help the world live more sustainably (but without a load of effort and twice the fun!).  


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