Virtual Outreach and Bundles

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The Morton Arboretum has developed several new and free digital resources for you to download by request. These bundles are divided by grade level, and all activities are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and (in some cases) Common Core State Standards, as well, often including cross-curricular lessons and activities. 

These Virtual Bundles align to life science themes and come in three parts: introductory activities (to introduce the topic and domain-specific vocabulary), pre-recorded teaching videos, and concluding activities (to assess student learning). These bundles include teacher answer keys and standards-aligned rubrics (when necessary).

To access, we recommend you use a desktop or laptop computer.

Learn more about the structure and features of these bundles by watching this short, informational video:

PreK-12th Field Trip Bundles

Are you taking a field trip to The Morton Arboretum? Find maps, planning templates, Teacher Guides, vocabulary lists, slideshows, pre-recorded videos, and extra activities to utilize with your students and make the most out of your field trip! Each bundle is organized by grade level block (Elementary grades PreK-5, Middle school grades 6-8, and High School grades 9-12). Register now.


Climate Change Toolkit Bundle

Learn how trees help combat climate change through photosynthesis and respiration, how we can understand climate change by studying trees and inspire students to make an impact by introducing them to important advocates, encouraging them to observe and respect nature, and offer ways in which they can help combat human impacts that contribute to climate change. These lessons and activities are resources that can help reinforce the Trees, Humans, and Climate (4th/5th) and Trees and Climate (6th-8th) field trip programs in the classroom. Register now.

Pre-K and Kindergarten

Plants, Seasons, and Pollinators

Practice identifying the weather and seasons with an interactive game, learn about how animals adapt to different seasons, and find out what static electricity, flowers, and bees have in common. Register now.

First and second-grade Virtual Bundle

Seeds and Growth in Different Habitats

Go on a scavenger hunt or play seed bingo! Grow your own plant, engineer your own seed, dissect a lima bean, and keep a plant journal to learn about the adaptations and growth of seeds and plants in different ecosystems. Register now.

Third and fourth-grade Virtual Bundle

Life Cycles and Adaptations

Test your knowledge of plant and animal life cycles and how they’ve adapted to survive by solving puzzles, reviewing vocabulary, examining life cycles, and investigating behavioral adaptations. Students can even take part in a digital escape room. Register now.

Fifth and sixth-grade Virtual Bundles

Energy and Ecosystems

Use your omnivorous energy in STEM challenges and backyard scavenger hunts in order to navigate through a world of ecosystems and energy transfer to solve puzzles and collect clues to reunite with your field trip group as you Escape to Lake Marmo! in a digital escape room. Register now.

Seventh and eighth-grade Virtual Bundle

Plant Growth and Reproduction

Learn about specialized plant structures and how they affect successful reproduction through kitchen science experiments, by looking at different plant social media profiles, and solving puzzles to Escape the Greenhouse! after it’s overrun by plants—trapping you inside! Register now.

High School

Photosynthesis and Respiration

Look closer at photosynthesis and aerobic respiration on a molecular level while understanding the role of carbon in, on, and around our planet. Register now.

Planted Podcast

Access every episode of the Planted: Finding Your Roots in STEM Careers podcast and discover all the bonus content including standards-aligned classroom activities, guest profiles, plant profiles, videos, and more! Register now.

Learn more about the registration process for these Virtual Learning Bundles by watching this short tutorial video:

Additionally, educators can register for an optional extension of their selected bundle for a nominal fee that includes a live, one-hour Zoom call with an education program guide that conducts a standards-aligned curriculum, complete with visuals, such as skulls, pelts, microscopes, and other elements that reinforce the standards outlined in the grade-level Virtual Bundles. (Please note that it may take up to two weeks to process a Virtual Outreach request.)

REGISTER NOW to book your Virtual Outreach Program.

$65 per session with a maximum of 30 students

Virtual Outreach Programs will continue to run despite the state’s or the Arboretum’s open status during the pandemic and are available year-round.


These interactive programs include topics aligned to Virtual Bundle content, with expanded activities for your classroom:

Pre-K and kindergarden:
Plants, Seasons, and Pollinators

Practice identifying the weather and seasons with an interactive game, learn about how animals adapt to different seasons, and find out what static electricity, flowers, and bees have in common.

First and second-grade Virtual Bundle:
Seeds and Growth in Different Habitats

Explore different types of seeds and their adaptations, then examine the parts of a seed that ensure its growth through a seed dissection.

Third and fourth-grade Virtual Bundle:
Life Cycles and Adaptations

Find camouflaged animals in an interactive game and learn about behavioral and structural adaptations by observing skulls, pelts, and plants.

Fifth and sixth-grade Virtual Bundles:
Energy and Ecosystems

Observe differences in deciduous and coniferous leaves and skulls of herbivores and omnivores, and study decomposers by looking at live worms.

Seventh and eighth-grade Virtual Bundle:
Plant Growth and Reproduction

Learn about the growth and reproduction of angiosperms, gymnosperms, and fungus, and how the adaptations of different pollinators play a role in plant reproduction.