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Fall Color Report: October 28, 2022

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Autumn colors are still vivid in the Arboretum’s gardens, collections, and natural areas, though more bare branches can be seen after the recent wind, rain, and cold temperatures. Among the places worth a visit are the Maple Collection (Parking Lot 14), the Oak Collection (Parking Lot 8), the China Collection (Parking Lot 17), the East Woods (parking lots 9 through 13), and Lake Marmo (parking lots 27 and 28). 

The color range is now dominated by the yellows and golds of tuliptree, ginkgo, linden, hickory, magnolia, and beech. Oak trees are showing dark reds, purples, red-browns, and yellows. Crabapple fruits are conspicuous in the Crabapple Collection (Parking Lot 5) and the Flowering Trees Collection (Parking Lot 19). The pecan trees near Parking Lot 31 are especially bright.

In the woodlands, leaves that have fallen from sugar maple trees reveal the view of yellow understory trees including elm, linden, and bitternut hickory. In the shrub layer, there are yellow sugar maple sprouts, red sumac leaves hanging on, and yellow pawpaws.  

On the West Side, the gardens and grounds near the Thornhill Education Center are still colorful. Small sugar maples and witch-hazels along the alternate route near Lake Marmo (Parking Lots 27 and 28) are yellow. In Witch-Hazel Dell (Parking Lot 27), witch-hazels are in full bloom!

Seasonal displays of flowers, foliage, and pumpkins add color and variety to the areas of the Visitor Center, Arbor Court, and The Gerard T. Donnelly Grand Garden. The fall season may be slowing down, but there is still plenty of color to delight the eye. Visit the Arboretum’s tree collections and grounds to breathe in the scents of fall, listen to the crinkle of leaves underfoot, and delight in the varied leaf colors before they are gone. Autumn at the Arboretum delights all the senses!

Fall Color Photo Contest 

Have you been enjoying the Arboretum’s fall colors this year? As the season peaks, you’re invited to share your best fall photos taken at The Morton Arboretum for a chance to win two free tickets to the 10th annual Illumination: Tree Lights at The Morton Arboretum

To enter, post your photos on your Instagram and tag the @mortonarb handle and include #FallColorArb in your caption. To be considered, your photos must be posted by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, November 3. Post as often as you’d like during the contest period.

Two individual winners will be chosen at random and notified by November 9. We look forward to seeing your photos of the Arboretum’s beautiful fall colors!


About the Fall Color Report

The Fall Color Report is written by the Arboretum’s Manager of Plant Records, Ed Hedborn. It is typically published on Fridays through Autumn to give members and guests a chance to plan their weekend visits. The Arboretum also publishes a weekly Bloom Report in springtime.

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