A Message from Jill Koski, President and CEO

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November 28, 2022

Dear Arboretum Supporter,

Today, I am honored to officially begin as President and CEO of The Morton Arboretum. This is a momentous time as the Arboretum marks the tremendous success of its first century and is poised for exponential impact as we enter the second century.

It is a critical time for trees, and a critical time for The Morton Arboretum as the most influential arboretum in the country working to preserve and save trees. Trees are vital for all living things—and for the future.

International attention and news have highlighted the essential role of trees and the many ways they improve individual lives and the communities we inhabit—locally, nationally, and around the globe. The circumstances of recent years have fostered renewed interest and understanding of the all-important connection between humans and the natural world. The mission of The Morton Arboretum is more relevant and needed than ever before, as we foster deeper connections between people and plants.

I hope you have found new and renewed ways of connecting with the Arboretum so far this year, whether a walk down a tree-lined trail, a forest therapy experience, or by taking a class. The Morton Arboretum provides vast, tree-filled spaces for these experiences—along with so much more.

Through community partnerships and tree planting, The Morton Arboretum is pursuing a greener, healthier, and more beautiful world for all. From engaging the youngest preschoolers to collaborating with the world’s leading botanists, the Arboretum has the expertise and experience to make a lasting impact for trees. This includes working with partners from other botanical gardens of varied sizes and capacities to save plants from extinction.

You make our work and positive impact possible through your generosity as Arboretum supporters. I look forward to meeting new Arboretum friends and reconnecting with those I already know.

Thank you for demonstrating your passion for the mission and our work together on behalf of trees!

With gratitude and optimism for what the next century holds,

Jill C. Koski
President and CEO
The Morton Arboretum

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