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The Magic of Science Camp

A visit to Grandma’s in Lisle brings outdoor adventures for the three granddaughters of Kathy Bauters, because they get to go to Summer Science Camps at The Morton Arboretum.

“It sure makes for a fun week,” Bauters said. “They’re excited to go every morning. They’re very open to experiencing new things.”

Experiences—of trees, of nature, of being part of a team learning together—are at the heart of science camp. Across a wide variety of topics and age groups, every camp is planned to get children outside where they can touch, feel, hear, explore, and connect.

For more than 20 years, the Arboretum’s science camps have invited children outdoors to learn through fun. This summer, more than 1,500 children explored trees and nature through 134 weeklong camps focused on many different topics.

Bauters’ granddaughter Maureen, 7—”she’s like a little engineer,” her grandmother said—was fascinated by a hands-on art project deconstructing tree rings. “I can see her getting interested in botany.” Danielle, 10, a three-year science camp veteran, is talking about becoming a teacher. Their cousin Joanna, 5, attended her first science camp this summer.

“We hope this will instill a lifelong love of trees and their value in your life,” said Bauters.

In her granddaughters’ chatter at the end of an exciting day, Bauters can clearly see one valuable effect of the contributions of both time and funds that she and her husband, Fred, have made to the Arboretum. As a volunteer since 2017, Kathy has done everything from guiding guests at the Glass Pumpkin Patch to sewing collection bags for leaf litter to help soil scientists in their research. As donors, they are members of the Hawthorn Circle of the Thornhill Society.

Gifts to the Arboretum at this year’s Evergreen Gala or any time will support Summer Science Camps, helping to bring the life-changing magic of experiences in nature to more children and expand all the education offered at this magnificent museum of trees.