Scientific Staff

Erin McMahan

Research Assistant I

Content Detail

As a research assistant at the Arboretum, Erin studies the complex interactions between insect herbivores and plants.

She is currently expanding her scope of work to include interactions between plants, pathogens, and environmental factors. Erin’s work is concerned with the spread of invasive insects in the United States and developing sustainable, integrated pest management tools to deal with some of the major pest and disease problems currently seen in Illinois forests. She also focuses on threatened forests and the insects and other fauna that they sustain.

Erin has organized, spoken at, or led more than 11 forest health and emerald ash borer workshops. She also hosted a three-day, North Central Pest Workshop for more than 70 participants.


MS, Entomology

University of Wisconsin-Madison,
Madison, WI

BA, Environmental Studies and Politics

Whitman College
Walla Walla, WA