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Centennial Craft Beer Dinner

Enjoy a 4-course dinner specially paired with featured brews from Ike and Oak Brewing Co.

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Enjoy a 4-course dinner, perfectly paired with specialty brews at the Centennial Craft Beer Dinner on November 10. This year’s dinner will feature a wide array of beers from Ike and Oak Brewing Company, selected specifically to complement the menu.

Dinner guests will have the opportunity to learn about the brewing process from Ed Randquist, Owner of Ike and Oak, as well as about food pairing with beer from the Arboretum’s Executive Chef Chris Marks.

Guests will be seated at shared tables of 10. Parties purchasing tickets separately but wishing to share a table should make a note of the names of others in their party when completing the event form during purchase.

This is a fixed-menu dinner and guests will have the option of selecting between two menu options, the Main ‘Omnivore’ Menu and the Vegetarian Menu. These selections—as well as common food allergens and any available modifications for those—can all be viewed here. Modifications must be specified at the time of purchase.


Key: GF (Gluten Free), NF (Nut Free), DF (Dairy Free)
Please note that all dietary restrictions and modifications must be submitted at the time of purchase.



Glacier Bay Cold IPA Braised Pork Belly (NF; not dairy-free or gluten-free)

Braised thick-cut pork belly, cassoulet, Glacier Bay Cold IPA reduction jus


Glacier Bay Cold IPA Seared Tofu (GF, DF, NF)

Cassoulet, Glacier Bay Cold IPA reduction jus

Beverage Pairing– Glacier Bay Cold, IPA


Main and Vegetarian

Delicata Squash Salad

Baby spinach, radicchio, frisée, sweet dried cranberries, glazed pecans, farmers cheese, rosemary, Mt. Fansipan vinaigrette. (This is not GF, NF, or DF, but any gluten, dairy, or nuts can be omitted if notified in advance)

Beverage Pairing– Mt. Fansipan Smoothie, IPA



Braised Beef Short Ribs

Tri-colored baby carrots, parsnip and yukon gold puree, Monkey Nut porter demi reduction

(NF, not dairy-free or gluten-free)

Beverage Pairing– Monkey Nut Peanut Butter, Porter


Eggplant Involtini

Fried eggplant, honey-infused ricotta cheese, fresh mozzarella, Vienna lager Pomodoro sauce

(NF, not gluten-free or dairy-free)

Vegetarian Beverage Pairing– Lumpy’s Vienna, Lager



Kodiak’s Revenge Bread Pudding

Vanilla-infused bourbon, chocolate chips, banana, vanilla bean ice cream

(Vegetarian, NF, not gluten-free or dairy-free)

Beverage Pairing– Kodiak’s Revenge Pastry, Stout


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