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Adult Opportunities

The Yin and Yang of Wellness: Eastern Roots in Contemporary Practice (in person)

Explore how understanding yin and yang can enrich your mindfulness practices.

Content Detail

Mindfulness is often explained as having faraway Asian roots embedded in the past. Yet there are many accessible examples of yin and yang that you can find in contemporary life. 

Join cultural educator Yvonne Wolf to learn the basic principles of Daoism, the balance of the two energies, yin and yang, and the visible versus the invisible energies. Then experience mindfulness practice with these principles in mind. Participate in light stretches as you reach for the positive and let go of the negative. This workshop involves a low range of physical motion.

This program meets in person at The Morton Arboretum. 

Instructor: Yvonne Wolf, intercultural consultant and educator

Health and Safety: Program participants must abide by the Arboretum’s health and safety guidelines. Guidelines are subject to change, so please check back frequently. 

Age: 16 and older


Yvonne Wolf, intercultural consultant and educator

Educator Yvonne Wolf makes Chinese and East Asian culture accessible and relatable to a wider audience. She speaks at libraries, museums, and community centers about East Asian arts, culture, and people. As an HR trainer, Wolf has lived in four countries, visited more than 25 countries, speaks three languages (English, Chinese [Mandarin], and Danish), and has studied three others (Spanish, Japanese, and Greek).

Program Schedule

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

10:00 to 11:30 a.m.

Founder’s Room, Thornhill Education Center


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