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Soil Care for Edible Gardens

Learn sustainable practices for soil care.

Content Detail

Grow better edibles this year with tips for healthy soil from the experts at Contemporary Farmer, Inc. Soil is the foundation of a successful vegetable garden, and you can strengthen that foundation with best practices for soil care.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to

  • prepare your soil for spring planting,
  • keep your soil healthy through the hottest days of summer, and
  • use companion planting, cover crops, worm castings, and mulch to build healthy soil.

Using sustainable techniques to build healthy soil will help you reach your goal of growing strong, nutritious plants. No matter your experience, this workshop is useful for all levels of gardeners. The Edible Gardening Series highlights expertise from local organizations working with communities to support food security, environmental justice, and education and skill building.

About Contemporary Farmer, Inc

Contemporary Farmer, Inc., connects home growers to resources, community, and nature to grow their own food. They aim to empower people to develop edible spaces in their homes in order to redefine their relationships with nature and local food systems. Contemporary Farmer partners with local farm businesses, schools, and other organizations to prepare a new generation of contemporary farmers and foster a network of collaboration throughout urban, rural, and suburban areas.

This program meets in person at The Morton Arboretum.

Instructor Davíd Toledo, founder, Contemporary Farmer, Inc.

Age: 16 and older


Davíd Toledo, founder and farmer-in-chief, Contemporary Farmer, Inc.

Davíd Toledo is a queer Xicano, an ecofeminist, a native Illinoisan, and a food grower. He founded Contemporary Farmer, Inc. in 2019 and has been growing food since 2014. Toledo has a degree in sustainable community development with minors in sociology and social justice from Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin. He wants people to cultivate food year-round in Chicago or wherever you might be.

What to Know

This program meets indoors at The Morton Arboretum.


Program Schedule

Saturday, March 18, 2023

9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Sycamore Room, Visitor Center


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