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Dwarf Jade Bonsai Workshop

In this bonsai workshop learn to style and wire a tree.

Content Detail

The dwarf jade (Portulacaria afra) is native to the dry regions of South Africa. It is an evergreen succulent with a reddish-brown trunk and can develop a fine branch structure with thick, green, glossy, oval-shaped leaves. The leaves grow in a cross-opposite pattern on the soft shoots. The focus of this workshop will be on the initial styling and wiring of the tree. Care instructions will be included. All skill levels are welcome.

This program meets in person at the Arboretum.

Instructor: Linda Camp

Age: 16 and older

Course number: V112

Linda Camp

Linda Camp is a member of Prairie State Bonsai Society, and she has been involved in bonsai for over 20 years. She is the co-owner of BC Bonsai and has been leading workshops for over 12 years. BC Bonsai has won many ribbons at nationally judged shows at the professional level.

What to Know

Supplies: Price includes materials.

Students are asked to bring in the tools they have on hand. Extra tools will be provided by Prairie State Bonsai Society.

Material selection is by lottery drawing.

Program Schedule

Saturday, August 5, 2023, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Thornhill Education Center


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