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Creating a Birder’s Backyard (online)

Invite birds to your backyard with small-scale changes that have a big impact.

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Attract birds to your backyard with small-scale changes and help support wildlife populations in your area. All living things require some type of shelter, food, and water, and it’s easy for homeowners to provide a birdhouse, feeder, and birdbath for their backyard birds. However, doing so supports only eight percent of the birds that can be found in DuPage County. There is so much more that you can do to attract birds to your yard! 

Join Denis Kania, birding instructor, who will explain the important additions homeowners can easily make to their backyards. Even small changes in land use can help support the hundreds of bird species making epic migratory journeys and passing through area neighborhoods twice a year. 

You can help birds to survive with changes to landscapes and behaviors. Come get inspired and learn how!

This program will take place live on Zoom. A recording will be available to registered participants after the live session.

Instructor Denis Kania, global birder and birding instructor

Age: 16 and older


Denis Kania, global birder and birding instructor

Denis Kania has been teaching ecology and bird-related classes for The Morton Arboretum since 1997. He is a founding member of the DuPage Birding Club and leads outings nationally and abroad. When he is not teaching, he is monitoring birds at Fermilab or traveling to the friendly corners of the world in search of birds that he has not seen before.

What to Know

This program will take place on Zoom. A link will be provided to registrants by email. Click on the link to join the program at the scheduled date and time.

Automatically generated captions will be available.

The program will be recorded.


Program Schedule

Thursday, February 23, 2022

9:00 to 10:30 a.m.



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