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Ancient Trees: A Lifeline to the Future

Learn how the world’s oldest trees offer something essential to today’s forests.

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Old-growth forests support a rarity: ancient trees that have lived more than ten times longer than the average individual tree in these locations, persisting across hundreds or even a thousand years. Because of their great age, these trees hold keys to the survival of their species and to the ecosystems in which they live.

Join Dr. Chuck Cannon to learn about a recent study that demonstrates how old trees create a bridge across changing environmental patterns and provide stability to the species over time with their deep genetic diversity. Find out why saving old and ancient trees is a vital part of conservation efforts. Tree planting or reforestation will not recreate these ancient trees for many centuries and their loss is a major extinction of deep genetic diversity.

This program meets in person at The Morton Arboretum.

Instructor Dr. Chuck Cannon, director of the Center for Tree Science, The Morton Arboretum

Age: 16 and older


Dr. Chuck Cannon, director of the Center for Tree Science

As the director of the Center for Tree Science, Dr. Chuck Cannon has a broad perspective on forests and all of the things that live in them. His work has taken him to over a dozen countries and involved a wide range of scientific endeavors, from new species discovery to creating forest management policy. He leads the tree scientists at the Arboretum and connects and motivates a large network of global collaborators in the shaping and expansion of the knowledge of trees and forests around the world.

What to Know

Held indoors at The Morton Arboretum.

Coffee will be served.


Program Schedule

Friday, February 3, 2023

10:00 to 11:30 a.m.

Founder’s Room, Thornhill Education Center




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