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The Amazing World of Hummingbirds (online)

Learn about hummingbirds, the “acrobats of the air,” with expert global birder Denis Kania.

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Learn about hummingbirds, the “acrobats of the air,” with expert global birder Denis Kania. Hummingbirds, the second largest bird family in the world, can fly upside down and backwards. They have adapted to freezing temperatures, alternate migration patterns, and plant evolution. Despite this resiliency and adaptability hummingbirds are not found outside the Western Hemisphere. We will explore the hummingbird’s anatomical features that allow their unconventional flight, their role as pollinators, and their fascinating relationships with plants. We will take both a global and a local view as we try to understand why hummingbirds not previously recorded in Illinois have the potential to appear in our own backyards and how changes in climate may impact these birds. 

Kania has been birding globally for over 30 years. His main focus has been on Central and South America. He is the manager of natural areas for the St. Charles Park District and has taught at The Morton Arboretum for 19 years. He often organizes birding trips to just about anywhere in the world. 

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Denis Kania, birding expert

Denis Kania has been teaching ecology and bird-related classes for The Morton Arboretum since 1997. He is a founding member of the DuPage Birding Club and leads outings nationally and abroad. When he is not teaching, he is monitoring birds at Fermilab or traveling to the friendly corners of the world in search of birds that he has not seen before.


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