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Cover Crops for Home Gardeners (online)

Learn how to incorporate cover crops into your garden beds in this two-session workshop with The Morton Arboretum.

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Learn how to incorporate cover crops into your garden beds in this two-session workshop with The Morton Arboretum. Cover crops are plants that are grown to cover bare soil. Some examples you might already know about but didn’t realize are used as cover crops are peas, clover and alfalfa. These unsung garden heroes require little maintenance, improve the soil, increase productivity for upcoming seasons, and nurture plant and garden health.  They help combat climate change by sequestering carbon, retaining moisture in the soil, and increasing organic matter. Used by farmers, cover crops are easy and beneficial for home growers, too. They are a crucial step for growers who want to move from a beginner to intermediate level.

Join instructor David Toledo, founder of Contemporary Farmer, Inc., to learn how to plan, seed, and integrate cover crops in your garden. These two online workshops will:

  • help you better understand the uses of cover crops,
  • cover different varieties and how to seed them,
  • teach best practices on cover crop maintenance, and
  • discuss their use as a climate solution.

The first workshop will lay down the foundation of how to get started, and the second workshop will show you what to do once your cover crops are planted and actively growing.

Cover crop education is part of Contemporary Farmer, Inc.’s commitment to providing home growers with sustainable, long-term solutions through regenerative practices. Join us!

How do I access the program?

  • A link to join the program will be included in the Order Summary email you receive after registering. Keep this email handy!
  • Click on the link at the scheduled date and time. 


  • This program takes place on  Zoom. You will need access to the internet via a computer or mobile device to participate. 
  • Registrants will receive a Zoom link by email. To ensure you receive the link, please add to your address book. Click on the link to join the program at the scheduled date and time.
  • This program will be recorded and available for a limited time to registered participants.
  • Limit 50

David Toledo, owner, Contemporary Farmer, Inc.

David Toledo is a queer Xicano, ecofeminist, a native Illinoisan, and a food grower. He founded Contemporary Farmer, Inc. in 2019. He has been growing food since 2014. He has a degree in sustainable community development with minors in sociology and social justice from Northland College in Ashland, WI. He wants people to cultivate food year-round in Chicago or wherever you might be!



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