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Bloom Report: March 18-25, 2022

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March 18-25, 2022

Bloom Report

The progression of the spring bloom is beginning on the grounds of the Arboretum. The spring-blooming witch-hazels are in full flower and are easily seen in Witch-Hazel Dell (Parking Lot 27) and in the Ground Cover Garden and Arbor Court (Parking Lot 1). Snowdrops and winter aconite are blooming in the Fragrance Garden near the Thornhill Education Center (Parking Lot 21). Snowdrops also can be seen along the West Side Alternate Route (Parking Lot 26).

Skunk cabbage is starting to bloom west of Lake Marmo and south of the Marmo dam (Parking Lot 28).

There is more to come. Many flower buds are swelling and preparing to bloom. Overhead, look for swelling buds on red and silver maple trees and on elms. In Arbor Court and the Ground Cover Garden (Parking Lot 1), as well as elsewhere in the collections, cornelian-cherry dogwood and Christmas-rose and Lenten-rose buds are approaching bloom. Buds of hepatica, one of the earliest wildflowers, are swelling in the East Woods.

Another sign of spring can be heard, not seen: the sound of chorus frogs in the Arboretum’s wetlands and the trill of red-winged blackbirds. Listen!

About the Bloom Report

The Bloom Report is written by the Arboretum’s Manager of Plant Records, Ed Hedborn. It is typically published on Fridays through spring to give members and guests a chance to plan their weekend visits. The Arboretum also publishes a weekly Color Report in the fall.

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