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Bloom Report: April 22-28, 2022

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April 22-28, 2022

Bloom Report

As the weather warms, it is making early spring flowers pop into bloom. Daffodils are starting their flowering season in Sargent’s Glade (Parking Lot 26), Daffodil Glade (Parking Lot 22), around Crabapple Lake (Parking Lot 5), and in the Appalachian Collection and Midwest Collection (parking lots 2 and 16).

Low blue squill is in full bloom in the Ground Cover Garden (Parking Lot 1), along Joy Path (Parking Lot 21), and in Sargent’s Glade. Due to recent cold nights, some blooms of early-flowering types of magnolia trees have been discolored, but many other newly opened magnolia blooms are lovely.

Look for magnolias blooming in the Magnolia Collection (Parking Lot 5), along Joy Path (across the meadow from Parking Lot 19), in the China Collection (parking lots 16 and 17), and on Frost Hill (Parking Lot 3). If you look to the south of Frost Hill, you can see an early-blooming cherry. Other fruit trees will be coming into bloom in the coming weeks in the area of parking lots 4 and 5.

In the woodlands, you can see a carpet of green shoots on the forest floor. Early wildflowers in bloom include spring beauty, toothwort, bloodroot, and hepatica. Main trail Loop 4 in the East Woods, between parking lots 10 and 14, is one good place to see wildflowers.

The first hints of blue are appearing in the buds of Virginia bluebells, which will be blooming soon in the woods, at Lake Marmo (Parking Lot 27), and in the Ground Cover Garden. 

Yellow forsythia shrubs are in full bloom in the China Collection and around the Visitor Center parking lot (Parking Lot 1).

Top areas to visit for early blooms are the Ground Cover Garden (Parking Lot 1), the Magnolia Collection (Parking Lot 5), Joy Path and the Fragrance Garden (Parking Lot 21), Sargent’s Glade (Parking Lot 26), Daffodil Glade (Parking Lot 22), and the trails through the East Woods on the East Side (parking lots 5 through 16).

The brightly planted containers and beds around the Visitor Center and the Thornhill Education Center (Parking Lot 21) are also must-visit sights. 

Plan to visit often, because the warmer weather that is coming will make each day at the Arboretum a new experience of color and fragrance.

About the Bloom Report

The Bloom Report is written by the Arboretum’s Manager of Plant Records, Ed Hedborn. It is typically published on Fridays through spring to give members and guests a chance to plan their weekend visits. The Arboretum also publishes a weekly Color Report in the fall.

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